Rich Internet Application (RIA) Introduction


Offering customers 24/7 access to your business and delivering that business through a browser has, so far, not been enough to drive business online.

Customer expectations as to what is an acceptable online experience have greatly outstripped the capabilities of the browser, resulting in a frustrating, confusing and often disengaging user-experience.

Rich Internet Applications can change all that.

They will meet your customers' expectations, drive your business and, finally, deliver on the promise of the Internet.

Rich versus reach

In the 1980s the client/server revolution offered the delivery of simple, intuitive and powerful user-experiences to end-users through the now-familiar graphical user interface.

The richness of the user-experience had increased compared with what had been possible with mainframe computing, but the reach of the business could not be extended much further with existing technologies.

Flex Development

In the mid 1990s, online delivery extended business reach, but at the expense of a backwards step in user experience as the intuitiveness of desktop software was replaced with the convenience of delivery into limited-capability web browsers.

Consequently, there was, and still is, disappointment with many online experiences, particularly where users attempt to perform business transactions online.

What's the problem?

Common frustrations arise from the now standard representation of a business as a linear series of web pages, with repeated waits between pages and ineffective navigation between pages.

The result of these frustrations is a direct loss of business.

In the case of a typical financial service product application for example, banks are experiencing a 5% drop out per page refresh. As many financial services transactions involve a 9 or 10 page application form, it’s easy to work out the chances of losing a sale from this process.

So, online business isn’t as effective as it could be.

The solution - Rich Internet Applications

RIAs represent a natural fusion of the richness and intuitiveness of the desktop user experience with the broad reach and low cost of deployment of of Internet delivered applications.

They're the best of the desktop meets the best of the web.

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“The technology used by RIAs enables true cross-browser and cross-platform delivery, and is now on 98% of desktops – that’s deeper penetration than MS Windows.”

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