Emax Software's methodology is influenced from Fusebox Lifecycle Process (FLiP)- a process for developing web applications.

The steps we follow:-

1) Personas and Goals

Who will use this application? Why will they use it? A persona is a precise description of the application's user. Instead of designing feature based application, we design goal based application. This process helps deliver application desired by the end user. We will make discussions with you, where we can ask and answer lots of questions about your business.Listening and close observation help us accurately scope and bid each project.

2. Wireframe

Wireframing is a way to quickly model the proposed actions that will be performed by the application. The result of wireframing is a clickable model of the application that doesn't look anything like the finished project, but gives the architect an idea of how the client will help the persona achieve their goals. We believe that showing our client something early on is vital to the success of our project.

3. Prototype / Front-End Development

A prototype is a clickable model of the finished application with no backend behind it. Prototyping is the largest step in the FLiP cycle, generally taking up to 70% of the project's effort. The result of prototyping is something that looks exactly like the finished application, with functionality limited to the client side. The objective is to discover exactly what the client expects from the application, and how they want it to look.

4. Back-End designing and Coding

At this point, the technical teams begin to implement your web solution, following the Prototype created before. Frequent review sessions with clients ensure that we stay on task and on schedule every step of the way.

5. Testing and QA

Upon completion of development, Emax takes your project through rigorous testing procedures, examining browser compatibility, load speed, database design and accessibility. Outstanding technical issues are identified and resolved.

6. Launch

During launch, Emax oversees the migration of your site from the development server to live server. Extensive testing is conducted so that site launches and displays without a hitch. Once you, the client, are satisfied with the result, you're off to the races.


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