Model-Glue and ColdSpring based Coldfusion application development

Emax Software extensively uses Model-Glue framework in combination with ColdSpring Framework for its Coldfusion based Web development projects. Model-Glue helps you build Object-Oriented ColdFusion applications based on the Model View Controller pattern and ColdSpring framework to wire dependent ColdFusion Components (CFCs) together.

What is Model-Glue

It is an Implicit Invocation framework simplifying use of the Model View Controller design pattern in ColdFusion applications.A light weight framework encouraging clear seperation of Model, View and Controller.Written by Joe Rinehart, a quasi-popular ColdFusion blogger with an interest in developing better OO applications in ColdFusion, with constant feedback provided by Doug Hughes of Alagad, Inc.

What is ColdSpring

ColdSpring is a framework for CFCs (ColdFusion Components). ColdSpring's core focus is to make the configuration and dependencies of your CFCs easier to manage. ColdSpring uses the "inversion-of-control" pattern to "wire" your CFCs together. Inversion-of-control provides many advantages over traditional approaches to assembling your application's model. Also part of ColdSpring is the first Aspect-Oriented-Programming (AOP) framework for CFCs.

Want to develop your coldfusion project using model-glue/coldspring ?
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