Virtual Extension for ColdFusion Application Development

A Mature Business Model

The Virtual Extension is a customer centric business model that involves the creation of software unit which operates like the customer's own software services unit. This coupled with our intense quality processes and mature methodologies leaves the customer with a business proposition that is quite unique.

Emax Software's Virtual Extension Model is a unique business proposition for scalable partnerships with our clients for ColdFusion Application Development. The "customer caring business model" has won made us the "most preferred" outsourcing partner to several leading companies in USA, Canada and Europe

Salient Features:

1. A Virtual Ownership

'The Virtual Extension' model offers a virtual ownership of a part of Emax Software to the customer. The customer has the clear option of owning an offshore unit in India, without bearing the associated overheads of handling resources, training, planning, administration, management, cultural overheads, etc.

2. Going beyond the customer-vendor relationship

Our partnership model ensures that if need be the customer can even pick up a stake in that entity - a proposition that takes relationship building further.

3. High levels of customer involvement

Experience has taught us that the more the customer involvement-the better the output. We therefore encourage customer participation as much as we can through a checklist that ensures a critical degree of involvement by the client.

  • Clearly define the acceptance criterion at the beginning, which can be jointly developed
  • Intimation of specific tools and processes if any Intimation of design constraints if any
  • Timely feed back at the end of each phase
  • Timely responses to any reasonable clarifications sought
  • Further, we invite our customers to visit our development center and meet the teams working on their projects to have a first hand experience of their 'virtual extensions'.

3. Customization

The VE can be absolutely customized as per customer needs.

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