1. How can I save money by outsourcing my work to an Indian web developer?
The cost of living in India is much lower than in most Western countries. Salaries are about 20%-30% of what they are in North America and Europe. Thanks to low overheads, we are able to offer rates that are nearly 80% lower than International rates.

2. How do I send my work to you?
Email : If your documents are already in a digital format [e.g. Scanned photographs, MS Word Documents, Text Files], then the fastest way to send it to us would be via email.
FTP : If files and doc are very huge in size, you can tranfer the files to our server using FTP Softwares like Cute FTP, WS FTP etc.. We will send you valid username and password for that.
Courier : To send us paper documents etc.., the best method would be via reliable couriers like DHL, which takes approximately 4 days to reach us. Standard Mail : This reaches us in around 8-9 days.

3. How do we communicate?
By Email, Instant Messenger or via a private Extranet.

4. How do I pay you?
By Wire Transfer, Check or Credit Card [through online services like westernunion.com, cash2india.com and rapidremitsvc.com]

5. Where are you located?
Emax Software is located in Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, one of India's southern states.

6. What is the Time Zone Difference?
India is 5.5 hours ahead of GMT.
Time Difference between India and the United States [Eastern Time] - [India is 10.5 Hours ahead of EST].
Time Difference between India and Europe - [India is approx. 5.5 Hours ahead].
Time Difference between India and Middle East/East Africa - [India is approx. 2.5 Hours ahead].
Time Difference between India and Australia - [India is approx. 4 Hours behind].
For current time in India, visit www.worldtimezones.com

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